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Computer Technology In Hoverboards

At the mention of the word hoverboard, you may thinks about those high technology device flying boards that usually seen in movies especially those that involve human super heroes. However, when it comes to the practical part of life, The hoverboards are simply considered as two wheeled self balancing electric powered devices which run off computer chips that manage the battery and motors.

This computer base device operate more and less the same as an electric scooter but the main thing that sets it apart is that it is computerized and self balances. The great things about these two wheeled balanced electric scooter is that it’s easier to control and ride. In addition, it is very stable and provides a faster response. It does not have a turning radius which means you can ride it even in a narrow space. You can also turn 360 degree without difficulties and also stand still on it with easiness.

When operating, you can easily accelerate it by applying pressure on the device using the front part of your feet. The two wheels have got two monitors that provide the double balancing system that makes you stable when in the operation process.These two monitors at the wheel also facilitate easy rotation, acceleration, turns and even smooth braking.

White Computer Hoverboard image

Features of the computer technology personal transportation device

· Weighs about 10 kg

· Has a maximum speed of 12 per hour

· Operates well on temperatures ranging from -10C to 40C

· Has got a weight limit of a hundred kilograms

· Its safest climbing angle is 15 degree

· Its actual size is 500 by 240 by 240

· Its estimate range per charge is 16 to 20 kilometer

· Battery power is 160Wh

· Its complete charging time ranges from 90 to 100 minutes

Things to note

Some of the things you should note are: the battery has got an SOC equalization board. The red color means battery low.Always switch off the device when charging because it may destroy the device.

The following are the advantages of using the two wheeled mini Segway

The main merit of using the hoverboard is that you become more productive. You can easily accomplish a lot of assignment using this device rather than walking. In addition, you get to save time and energy on your daily activities especially if you require a lot of walking.

This device is an enviromentally friendly device that helps you to go green rather than taking a taxicab or your car that will cause emissions of harmful gases to the environment. It also gives you an advantage over those who are walking by giving you additional height of about seven and a half inches. This enables you to have better sight in crowded places, over items in a warehouse as well as over cars in a parking lot. Last but not least, it reduces the fatigue that is caused by walking.The above is all about hoverboard