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What Are Arborists And What Can One Do For You?

When you own a home on your own lot, you are supposedly living one of the Australian dreams. If you love your home, you do everything you can to take care of it, from tree removal to cleaning the gutters every year to fighting that one faucet that won’t stop dripping. You also care for your yard, as it is your space in this world, but also what you show your neighbors and those that drive by. Sure, you mow your yard when you need to, rake leaves, and water the flowers, but what about the trees? These organisms are huge and sometimes complex. Who do you call to take care of them? The answer is an arborist.

By very definition, arborists are trained professionals who have training and education in the skills of maintaining existing tress, caring for growing tress, and even planting new trees. This field of expertise is part art, part science, but all certified arborists are very knowledgeable about the needs of all kinds of trees and have the skill-set to give your trees the health care they deserve. Deciding to hire any arborist is a smart decision, and a big one.

Taking care of your trees on your land is a financial investment in a way, given the returns it can provide you. Trees that are healthy and well-maintained look appealing to visitors and neighbors, and so they drive up the value of your property. On the other hand, trees that are neglected or maintained poorly can actually wind up proving to be a liability, legally and physically. It’s dangerous to prune or remove trees, particularly the big ones. Such removal should be left to professionals, although removals or pruning should also not wait, as trees that fall over or have branches that fall off might damage property (possibly your, possibly not) or even injure or kill someone.

Keeping a healthy tree in your yard does more than just make your property more attractive. It can be a source of shelter for many birds that help keep your yard free of bugs, insects, and other annoying critters. Small rodents like squirrels also love taking up shelter in trees too, if they reside in your geographic region. The shade alone a large tree can provide can spare your air conditioning unit from working overtime in warmer seasons. On top of that, a mature oak for instance, can take in, move, and then evaporate over forty five gallons of water on a daily basis. That’s a bath tub full of water pulled from the air, which cools down the surrounding area thanks to lower humidity.

If you had two oaks in your yard, both fully grown, they would actually make enough oxygen for you, a spouse, and two kids. At the same time, they would pull the carbon you and another person’s car generate within that same year.

Trees that are growing too big can be threats to the property boundaries of others, prove to be risks for you and your family, and even possibly interrupt your utility lines and threaten your home’s foundation. If you have any tree needs whatsoever, consult a certified arborist in your community as soon as you can.